News Spring 2024

In 2024, the surcharge for shapes with an “M” and “N” as an identifier will be increased and a few shape designations will be adjusted. An overview can be found here: models with price change 2024.

M1000RR 2023-:
Racingscreen (RM) in clear 4025066176441
Racingscreen (RM) in smoked 4025066176458
Racingscreen (RM) in black 4025066176465

CRF1100 L Africa Twin / DCT 2024-:
Variotouringscreen (VTM) in clear 4025066175864
Variotouringscreen (VTM) in smoked 4025066175871
Sportscreen (SPM) in clear 4025066176250
Sportscreen (SPM) in smoked 4025066176281
Sportscreen (SPM) in black 4025066176311
Touringscreen (TM) in clear 4025066176328
Touringscreen (TM) in smoked 4025066176335
Touringscreen (TM) in black 4025066176366

CRF1100 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES 2024-:
Variotouringscreen (VTM) in clear 4025066176403
Variotouringscreen (VTM) in smoked 4025066176403
Sportscreen (SPM) in clear 4025066175802
Sportscreen (SPM) in smoked 4025066175819
Sportscreen (SPM) in black 4025066175826
Touringscreen (TM) in clear 4025066175833
Touringscreen (TM) in smoked 4025066175840
Touringscreen (TM) in black 4025066175857

CBR500RR 2019-:
Racingscreen (R) in clear 4025066175932
Racingscreen (R) in smoked 4025066175949
Racingscreen (R) in black 4025066175956

CBR600RR 2024-:
Racingscreen (R) in clear 4025066175383
Racingscreen (R) in smoked 4025066175390
Racingscreen (R) in black 4025066175406

CBR650R 2024-:
Racingscreen (R) in clear 4025066175987
Racingscreen (R) in smoked 4025066176014
Racingscreen (R) in black 4025066176021

NX500 2024-:
Variotouringscreen (VT) in clear 4025066175918
Variotouringscreen (VT) in smoked 4025066175925
Sportscreen (SP) in clear 4025066176410
Sportscreen (SP) in smoked 4025066176427
Sportscreen (SP) in black 4025066176434
Touringscreen (T) in clear 4025066175888
Touringscreen (T) in smoked 4025066175895
Touringscreen (T) in black 4025066175901

Ninja 1000 SX 2020-:
Racingscreen (R) in clear 4025066175642
Racingscreen (R) in smoked 4025066175659
Racingscreen (R) in black 4025066175666

Duke 390 2024-:
Sportscreen (NSPM) in clear 4025066176533
Sportscreen (NSPM) in smoked 4025066176540
Sportscreen (NSPM) in black 4025066176557

Duke 990 2024-:
Sportscreen (NSPM) in clear 4025066176625
Sportscreen (NSPM) in smoked 4025066176632
Sportscreen (NSPM) in black 4025066176649
Touringscreen (NTM) in clear 4025066176656
Touringscreen (NTM) in smoked 4025066176663
Touringscreen (NTM) in black 4025066176670

Super Duke 1390 2024-:
Sportscreen (NRM) in clear 4025066176595
Sportscreen (NRM) in smoked 4025066176601
Sportscreen (NRM) in black 4025066176618
Touringscreen (NSPM) in clear 4025066176564
Touringscreen (NSPM) in smoked 4025066176571
Touringscreen (NSPM) in black 4025066176588

ZX6R Ninja 2024-:
Racingscreen (R) in clear 4025066176038
Racingscreen (R) in smoked 4025066176090
Racingscreen (R) in black 4025066176106
Pictures will follow soon.

Now available: The naked bike screen “STREAMLINE” (SL) in clear, smoky grey and black. Mounting kit is available separately.

Streamline in clear 4025066174768
Streamline in smoked 4025066174775
Streamline in black 4025066174782

We are happy to offer you our counter display to demonstrate our various adjustable top spoilers. Price and delivery time on request.