Newsletter automne 2021

The following section provides information about the likely availability of screens for motorcycles.
Already available: 


MT09/SP – FZ09/SP 2021-: Racingscreen (NRN) in clear, smoked and black. Pictures are available on flickr. 
Tracer 700 / Tracer 7 2020-: Touringscreen (TM) in clear, smoked and black and the Variotouringscreen (VTM) in clear and smoked. Pictures are available on flickr. 

Superadventure 1290/S/R 2021-Touringscreen (TM) in clear, smoked and black and Variotouringscreen (VTM) in clear and smoked.  Pictures are available on flickr.

Expected to be available from November: 

ZX10R / RR 2021-Racingscreen (R) in clear, smoked and black. Pictures will follow.

MT07 2021-Racingscreen (NRN) in clear, smoked and black. Pictures will follow.

Important note:
The screens for the Supersport 950/S 2021- are identical with the screens for the Supersport 939 / S.

The screens for the Tracer 9 / GT do not fit the Tracer 900 / GT.

The Excel file with all changes can now be found at:

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