Hygiene protection shields made by mra

A simple and effective protection against the transmission of the corona virus through the so-called droplet infection is offered by the hygiene protection shield made in Germany by MRA. Installed in no time at all, it gives your customers and employees a special feeling of security.

Our material is a special acrylic glass, which is resistant to UV radiation and solvents. It can therefore be cleaned with all standard cleaning agents such as soap, glass cleaner (also containing alcohol) and even with disinfectants. It is absolutely distortion-free, looks noble, has shiny edges and is easy to clean with soap water and sponge. The hygiene protection shield has a width of 750mm and a height of 870mm. An extremely stable stand is therefore guaranteed. It is available with or without cut-out.

The installation of the hygiene protection shield is self-explanatory: the two footrests are inserted into the elongated slot on the right and left, so that the inclination is directed towards you and away from the customer. A cut-out at the lower end makes it possible to hand out goods, receipts or change, for example. The hygiene protection shield costs € 89.90. A second variant is the transverse hygiene protection shield, which is 120cm wide and 60cm high. Further models with different shapes and dimensions will follow.


How to order:

You can order either via our online shop www.mrashop.de, by phone at 07663 93890 or by e-mail to info@mra.de. A collection on site in Teningen is possible after telephone consultation; the same applies to deliveries in the vicinity.

Below, you will find some application examples: